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Natural Approach Method

Natural Approach Method

At IALG, our language teaching method aims to help student develop effective proficiency in their chosen language. The natural approach method is an acquisition-focused approach where learners develop communication skills progressing through three stages: oral comprehension, early speech production and speech activities. 

This approach allows learners to learn a second language in the same way when they learnt their native tongue when they were a child.  In class, only the target language is used as if the learner was in total immersion in the specific country.

The classroom is more student-centered and the native tutor allows learners output more often on their own. Learners are actively involved in both listening to and speaking in the target language using everyday situations and they are encouraged to think directly in the new language rather than translate.  The method consists in a gradual acquisition of grammatical structure and vocabulary. Errors in speech during the language learning process is acceptable encouraging learners to focus on gaining confidence in speaking. Vocabulary is explained to students using pictures, words or else rather than translated in their first language. 

This language learning method has proven very useful to me as I have learnt how to communicate effectively in six languages.

Xavier Jean Laffont CEO...