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Learn Turkish

Learn Turkish

Turkish is spoken by 75 millions people, making it one of the world 15 most widely spoken languages.

Turkey represents a bridge between Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Turkey continues to develop as a global economic power which makes knowledge of its official language an added value, specially for those pursuing carreers in business, science or diplomatic services.

IALG provide courses in Turkish, an agglutunative language whick makes it cool to learn.

Cours de langues

  • One to one turkish course
    20€ / h

    Learn Turkish with IALG, a language spoken by over 70 millions people.

    This live private course online with a native tutor is tailored to your specific and individual needs from the confort of your home.

    Enjoy full access to our elearning zone and forum « Kaisen by IALG ».

  • two to one turkish course
    18€ / h

    This program is for you with if you wish to learn Turkish with a friend or a colleague.

    This program, is a perfect opportunity to improve your language skills in a relaxed atmosphere with a native tutor.

  • Group turkish course
    16€ / h

    Our mini group course is ideal if you wish to learn Turkish with two friends or colleagues from your home or prefered location.

    Our stress-free virtual classroom will give you the opportunity to communicate in the target language with a native tutor.

  • business turkish course
    30€ / h

    Our Language course for Professionals in Turkish language aims to give an edge to your CV and provides you with the necessary language tool to do business effectively in one of the world's newly industrialized countries.