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Learn Russian

Learn Russian


Official language of the world's largest country, Russian is spoken by 280 millions people which ranks the language as the 5th most widely-spoken language in the world.

Russia, member of the BRICS group, is amongst the strongest economies in the world and the market continues to grow. Having Russian on your CV makes a difference and gives an advantage in the international job market.

Whether you wish to learn Russian for pleasure or for professional development, you will plunge into a rich culture and discover another continent.

IALG provides courses in Russian by native speakers. Come and discover with us an original language and culture.

Cours de langues

  • One to one russian course
    25€ / h

    Learn Russian with IALG and plunge into a rich culture, the most widely spoken among Slavic languages. Get the full attention and support from our native tutor and learn Russian at your own pace.

    You will also have access to our elearning zone and forum « Kaisen by IALG ».

  • Two to one russian course
    22€ / h

    This program is designed for two participants with the same language proficiency. From the confort of your home or prefered location, learn Russian in a relaxed environment.

    Enjoy full access to our elearning zone and forum « kaisen by IALG ».

  • group russian course
    20€ / h

    IALG offers mini group courses for those who wish to learn with two friends or colleagues.

    This program is available to participants with the same language proficiency. Our mini group course is a stres-free virtual classroom where every student can practice and speak.

  • business russian course
    35€ / h

    Whether you wish to enhance your CV or you want to prepare to communicate with your business partners, this program is for you.