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Learn Portuguese

Learn Portuguese

One of the official languages of the EU, Portuguese is spoken by 11 millions people in Portugal and 200 millions people overall in the world.

Official language of 9 countries, Portuguese can vary in vocabulary and accent according to the region it is spoken. European Portuguese is often said to sound like Russian.

Some people believe that if you know Russian, learning European Portuguese is easier. Portuguese is a romanic language along with French, Spanish and Italian. Once you know Portuguese, learning these other languages become easier. Learning Portuguese at IALG, it is discovering the 6th most widely spoken language in the world, taught by native Portuguese teachers.

Cours de langues

  • One to one portuguese course
    20€ / h

    Learn European Portuguese with IALG, the 3rd most spoken European language, with its particular sounds and specific vocabulary.

    A live private course online with a native tutor, tailored to your specific and individual needs from the confort of your home.

  • two to one portuguese course
    18€ / h

    This program is for you if you wish to learn European Portuguese with a friend, a partner or a colleague.

    This live Two to One course with a native tutor provides the perfect opportunity to improve your language skills while learning in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Group portuguese course
    16€ / h

    Our mini group course is ideal if you wish to learn European Portuguese with two friends or colleagues from your home or prefered location.

    Our stress-free virtual classroom will give you the opportunity to communicate in Portuguese with a native tutor.

  • business portuguese course
    30€ / h

    Our Language course for Professionals in European Portuguese aims to enhance your CV and provides you with the necessary language tools to do business successfully in Portugal or one of its African colonies.