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Learn Italian

Learn Italian

Italian is a language of culture, business and sciences. It's easy to learn, specially if you already know another latin language.

Italian is proving to be useful if you are working or planning to work in fields such as tourism, or fashion industry.

At IALG, our Italian teachers are native speakers. They are passionate about their language and culture.

Come and learn with us a language of tradition and elegance.

Cours de langues

  • One to one Italian course
    19€ / h

    Lean Italian in this live One to One tuition and do as much as possible in a short time to improve your Italian rapidly.

    Our native tutor will work with you towards reaching your specific and individual learning goal.

  • Two to one italian course
    17€ / h

    This program is a perfect opportunity to learn Italian with a buddy from your home or prefered location.

    Designed for two students with the same language proficiency, you will learn the Italian language in a fun, relaxed atmosphere with a native tutor.

  • Group italian course
    15€ / h

    Learn Italian with two friends or colleagues from home or your prefered location and start communicate effectively with the natural approach method.

    This program is designed for three students with the same language proficiency.

  • business language italian course
    29€ / h

    Enhance your CV and learn how to communicate effectively with your clients and/or suppliers in Italy with this language course for professionals.

    This program is available in a One to One, Two to One or Group format.