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Learn Hindi

Learn Hindi

Hindi is an exotic language that sounds strangely familiar. Many European languages owe their origin to it.

Spoken by over 600 million people in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Fidji islands, it's a structured language with an alphabet of 33 consonants and 11 vowels.

India, member of the BRICS group, is one of world's biggest exporters of business, digital media and other information related technologies.

At IALG, our native teachers are passionate about their culture and heritage. Come and learn with us a language full of history, the mother of all languages.

Cours de langues

  • One to one hindi course
    25€ / h

    Explore this rich language with IALG from the confort of your home by taking this live private tuition.

    Enhance your language skills in Hindi and start speaking and writing rapidly in a course focused on your specific and individual needs.

  • Two to one hindi course
    22€ / h

    This program is designed for two students with the same language proficiency in Hindi. Have fun learning Hindi with a partner or a colleague and progress quickly as you will be getting the same attention as in a private one to one tuition with our native teachers.

  • Group Hindi course
    20€ / h

    Enhance your language skills in Hindi while learning in a mini group of three students.

    A great program for friends or colleagues who wish to learn how speak Hindi in a relaxed and fun atmosphere from your office or prefered location.

  • Business language Hindi course
    35€ / h

    Enhance your resume or learn how to communicate effectively with your suppliers and/or clients with this live Hindi course for professionals.

    This program is available in One to One, Two to One or group classes.