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Learn Hebrew

Learn Hebrew

Spoken by 7 million people, Modern Hebrew is one of the two official languages of Israel. It is written and read form right to left, as many semantic languages.

The Hebrew alphabet consists of 22 consonants and no vowels. Vowels are dot and dashes added above or below the consonants.

Modern Hebrew pronunciation is divided into two parts : ashkemazie and sephatic.This may sound difficult but it is fun. In a very short time you get used to it.

Some of the language speakers can be found in the US, in France and even in the Caribbean. Whether you wish to discover the Hebraic civilisation or you are planning to study ancient languages, archeology, Learning Modern Hebrew with IALG will take you straight to the warmth of the middle east.

Cours de langues

  • One to one Hebrew course
    35€ / h

    Learn Hebrew with IALG and benefit from One to One live tuition from the confort of your home or prefered location.

    This course is like taking a trip to Israel where you will learn about the culture, the energy as well as the language.

  • Two to one Hebrew course
    33€ / h

    This program is designed for two people with the same language proficiency.

    Learning Hebrew with a friend or a colleague will ease the tension in the learning process and accelerate your progression.

  • Group hebrew course
    30€ / h

    This program offers live tuition for a small group of students with the same language proficiency.

    Learn Hebrew in a relaxed environment within a mini group of maximum three students from your home or prefered location.

  • Business Hebrew course
    45€ / h

    IALG offers this program for professionals adapted to your industry from the confort of your office, or prefered location.