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Learn German

Learn German

Official language of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, it is primarily the language spoken by a major player in the European economy.

The French-German trades involve 400,000 people working directly in Germany and 350,000 in France. On the labour market, German is by far the second most requested language.

Every year in France about 4000 positions requiring knowledge of German are not filled in. The German language is becoming more important in Europe thanks to, among other things, the strategic geographical position of Germany in the heart of Central Europe.

In Guadeloupe, Germany is the first European non-metropolitan economic partner. 

Cours de langues

  • German Business language course
    30€ / h

    This live German course for professionals give you all the key elements to conduct business with your clients and/or suppliers.

    The course is tailored to your needs and objectives with vocabulary specific to your industry.

  • German group course
    16€ / h

    IALG offers small group classes to students with the same language proficiency.

  • German two to one course
    18€ / h

    If you want to learn German with a partner or a colleague, this program is for you. Designed for two people with the same language proficiency, this Two to One course with IALG is fun and eases tension in the language learning process.

  • German One to one course
    20€ / h

    Learn German with IALG and benefit from One to One tuition with our native teachers.