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Learn French

Learn French


French is the second most widely learnt language in the world, the third most used language on the internet.

Official language in 38 countries, the french language is spoken by 220 millions people on every continent. Important language ( along with English) in the diplomatic world, it opens up opportunities at renowned French universities and business school.

Knowledge of French also opens up job opportunities in French companies as well as in Switzerland, Belgium and north Africa. French is an easy and fun language to learn.

At IALG, our teachers are experienced, passionate. Come and discover the elegance and beauty of our native language.

Cours de langues

  • One to one French course
    19€ / h

    Take a One to One French tuiton with IALG and focus on exactly what you want.

    Our course will help you improve your French rapidly by catering to your specific and individual learning needs.

  • Two to one french course
    17€ / h

    Our Two to One live tuition is a fun way to learn French with a partner. This course is designed for two people who have the same language proficiency.

    You will be given as much attention as in a one to one class.

  • group french course
    15€ / h

    If you are looking for a French course that offers live tuition for groups, you have found the ideal program.

    IALG offers mini group classes designed for a maximum of three students who have the same needs and objectives.

  • Business french course
    29€ / h

    Our live French course for professionals is designed specifically to help you work on your needs and objectives with vocabulary adapted to your professional activity.