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Learn English

Learn English

Learning a new language opens doors and creates new opportunities. English is the international language of business, travel and diplomacy. 

Fluency in English is the best way to help you become a global citizen.

What better way to maximize your chances of being able to communicate with clients who speak a the official language of 70 countries in the world and spoken natively by more than 500 million peoples !

Whether you are a professional or an individual, IALG will based our teaching on your specific needs and language learning goals, with communication as a clear objective.

Cours de langues

  • One to one english course
    19€ / h

    Learn English as a second language with IALG and focus on your individual language goals.

  • Two to one english course
    17€ / h

    Take a Two to One English course with IALG and learn this global language in a stress-free environment . This program is designed for two people with the same language proficiency.

  • English group course
    15€ / h

    This program is ideal if you wish to develop your language skills within a mini group of maximum three learners.

    Designed for learners with the same language proficiency, you will explore the English language in a relaxed atmosphere from the confort of your home or prefered location.

  • English business course
    29€ / h

    This course is ideal for professionals who wish to improve their English language skills specific to their industry.