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Learn Brazilian Portuguese

Learn Brazilian portuguese

« Oi, tudo bem ?» . Typical expression of Brazilian warmth.

Brazilian Portuguese is spoken by 197 millions people. With a vocabulary that differs it by 2000 words to that of European Portuguese, this language when heard, sounds like a song.

The language was influenced by other languages such as Amerindian, African languages as well as French and English. Brasil, member of the BRICS group, is set to become one of the major economic powers over the next decade.

São Paolo, one of Brasil's major cities, is already the financial capital of Latin America. Knowing Brazilian can thus be a smart career move, specially if you are in the financial industry. Learning Brazilian is fun and easy. And it helps to learn other latin languages too !

Brasil will be hosting the 2014 World Cup, another reason to learn this beautiful language. At IALG, our teachers are native speakers. They are passionate about their language and heritage.

Come and learn with us, a language rich in sounds, colours and energy.

Cours de langues

  • One To one Brazilian portugese course
    20€ / h

    Take this one to one live tuition in Brazilian with IALG from the confort of your home or prefered location.

    This program is designed to meet your specific and individual needs.

  • Two to one Brazilian course
    18€ / h

    Become rapidly proficient in Brazilian by taking a Two to One course with IALG.

    Learning with your partner or a collegue, you will benefit from this program as tension is eased in the learning process.

  • Group brazilian portugese course
    16€ / h

    Learn Brazilian in this live mini group course online with IALG from the confort of your home or prefered location.

    It is ideal for three students with the same language proficiency who wish to improve their language skills rapidly while learning in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Business Brazilian course
    30€ / h

    Master business Brazilian vocabulary specific to your industry with IALG and learn to communicate with your clients and/or suppliers, or simply enhance your CV. Our brazilian tuition for professionals is available in One to One, Two to One or group courses.