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Japanese: Language course for professionals

Business Japanese course
IALG's added value: 
  • Monitoring tool to follow your progress 
  • E-learning materials with social network
  • Vocabulary specific to your activity
Presentation and method: 

Being able to communicate with potential Japanese clients in their own language is key to winning their business.

Whether you wish to enhance your CV or master the Japanese language specific to your industry, this program is for you. Available in private tuition, Two to One and group courses, our native teachers will help you reach your language learning objectives.

You will have full access to our elearning zone and forum « Kaisen by IALG ».

Required equipments: 

Master Japanese with vocabulary specific to your industry and communicate effectively with business associates.

The Approach: 

Our program is designed to help you strengthen vocabulary specific to your professional activity, based on role playing, interactive exercises.

Our native teachers are there to help you better understand the Japanese work ethic and business etiquette.

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