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German: One to One course

German One to one course
IALG's added value: 
  • Full access to our e-learning zone
  • Optimal flexibility with videoconferencing.
  • German or Austrian native teachers
Presentation and method: 

Learn German with IALG and benefit from One to One tuition with our native teachers.

This online course is like taking a trip to a German-speaking country from the confort of your home or prefered location and combines live interaction with a tutor and access to our e-learning zone ''Kaisen by IALG. At IALG, we pride ourselves to design programs tailored and adapted to your needs and objectives.

Required equipments: 

Discover German and learn to communicate effectively with others.

Our teachers are here to help you reach your goal.

The Approach: 

This course is based on live interactions with our tutors, flashcards, listening and understanding exercices and relia. Our online private tuition provides the best learning tools to understand, communicate and think in German within a short period.