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Training multilingual talents
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About Us

The Company: IALG

IALG is a language institute based in one of France's overseas regions called Guadeloupe. We provide language courses to anyone anywhere in the world.

Our live virtual language courses are available in 16 languages, taught by 90 language teachers, using the Natural Approach Method. 

All of our language teachers are native speakers: we believe that studying a language is not just about learning words, it is also about learning the accent, the culture and the energy of the language taught. 

At IALG, our technology is innovative. Our clients benefit from language classes in a stress-free environment as well as full access to an elearning platform where they can pratice their target language, chat with our teachers and other students.

Our language teachers are qualified, experienced as well as active professionals in different industries. We are therefore able to provide language courses with vocabulary specific to your industry.

Come and learn a language with us and explore a part of the world from the confort of your home or prefered location!

Legal notices:

SIRET no: 797 808 235 00015

APE code: 8559B




The CEO: Xavier-Jean Laffont


Xavier-Jean Laffont

I was born in Guadeloupe, a beautiful butterfly-shaped island, one of France's overseas regions.

While attending university in Paris and in the UK, I had the opportunity to explore the world and learn about the socio economic environment of the countries visited.

Nothing is better than being able to communicate with the locals directly in their own language.

Flying was the perfect job to strengthen my language skills while getting a better understanding of business etiquette specific to each country.

Passionate about the English language, I qualified as a business language teacher at the London Teacher Training College. I also graduated in mathematics and was given the opportunity to teach technical English at a world famous language institute.

Today, I speak six languages, all learnt using the Natural Approach Method. This method aims to develop communicative skills, with a major focus on vocabulary and on directly thinking in the target language.

Based on my language learning and teaching experience, IALG offers a wide range of live virtual courses tailored to our clients needs and objectives, taught by native speakers and set in a stress-free environment.

The Deputy CEO: Jean-Daniel Yadan 

Jean-Daniel Yadan

I grew up in south of France and I got my master degree in econometrics at the university of Marseilles. I then took up the challenge of travelling to Germany where I discovered not only a passion for languages but also for the technological world of web design and e-commerce, the latter becoming my main professional activity since then. 

I therefore consolidated extensive skills while working in different web design companies as a project manager.

I then got the oppotunity to enter the world of entrepreneurship when I got involved in the creation of an e-commerce company specialized in extrem sports, for which I won an award for its innovation aspects.


My professional experience has mainly been focused on webmastering, webdesigning and webwsite creation.

Xavier-jean Laffont talked me into joining him in the creation of IALG, taking into account all of the above experiences. This was a perfect opportunity for me to put into use the different elements that I am passionate about:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Webmastering
  • Languages.

My objective at IALG is to use my technical skills, my passion, my energy to provide our customers with the best live virtual and elearning experience with user-friendly technologies.

I am proud to be fully involved in this great company as a deputy CEO and contribute in training multilingual talents.


Our language department

Our 90 language teachers are managed by two language department executives ( LDE):

  • Michael Laurenzano is the leading Language Department Executive at IALG. Michael graduated from Cambridge university and is specialized in classical languages and philosophy. He has taught Italian, Spanish and modern Greek for many years, and is currently a lecturer in Greece. He wrote and published many language training materials for Italian delegates. 
  • Nizar Kaddouh is specialized in International Economics. He has strong skills in Arabic language instruction and is currently leading our team of Arabic, French and Japanese teachers.

Public Relations

In order to promote our services around the world,  we have nominated for our public relations:

Dominique Lancastre - Relations publiques


  • Dominique Lancastre is an author from Guadeloupe. One of his three novels won a litterature prize ( le prix bal de Paris) in 2011 and is currently being studied at school in France. Dominique is specialized in American studies and Oriental languages. He taught for many years in Paris.